We are building up Smart City Communities with the help of citizen by offering innovative & smart solutions to city administrators.

  • To develop a user friendly and adaptable systems in all domains of public welfare
  • To create an impact and experience with integrated smart solutions that enables quick, faster accessibility with real-time analysis & control
  • Provide smart solution, which reduces time & cost, save environment, manage congestions & make all city administrators systems efficient, intelligent & user friendly
  • Our application roadmap as per the plan, we would like to leverage the database of one million NaviMumbaikar, we will drive smart city incubator through citizens


  • Overall Enhanced experience of concept to commercialization of products
  • Enhanced quality of life for the citizen through new deployments.
  • Improvement in their experience & satisfaction for administrators
  • More efficient use of systems and generate revenue
  • Reduces Manpower cost in operation & create job opportunities.
  • Multiple modes of innovation with simple process


  • Smart office space booking system
  • Largest Social network of Navi Mumbai
  • Technology partner of NMMC
  • Worked on smart city initiative
  • Community working & job offering like a Survey along with 250 citizen
  • A professional leadership team
  • Smart office booking solution readiness for startups
  • In house team for operation and maintenance of all hardware and software
  • Database access of more than 1.2 Million users
  • City Loyalty Program: to bring users & administrator on single platform
  • Navimumbaikar Mobile app, social network & other properties
  • O2O channel for marketing along with existing marketing tools
  • Online marketing experts with all sectors mentors on board
  • Thousand of Navimumbaikar interaction on daily basis.
  • Gaps in existing NMMC systems of health, travel, parking, taxes & other applications
  • surveys conducted for two key nodes of Vashi & Belapur from smart application
  • 5G technology driven IOT, M2M, RFID, Sensors & other future technologies
  • Online services & portal for citizens to view monitor & track activities.
  • Users follow-up on the job creation in Navi Mumbai
  • Existing Mentoring sessions
  • More than five startup are in pipeline for incubation
  • Working knowledge of complete incubation cycle
  • Legal, Commercial, technical support available along with mentoring

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    Rating: 5.0/5. From 1 vote.
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